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Lillian Hellman

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You know when you think you need something but you really don’t want to deal with the bullshit that will come with but maybe you’re also just being dramatic so instead you just listen to The Swell Season for hours yeah me too

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I need support. Me. The almost forty year old pregnant woman with the surprise baby on the way, and the husband with lung cancer who disappears for hours on end and I don’t know where he goes and he barely even speaks to me anymore. With the moody son, who does the same thing. And the overdrawn checking account and the lukewarm water heater that leaks rusty looking crap and is rotting out the floor of the utility closet and we can’t even afford to fix it!

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“People have a tendency to find something that someone does well and say, ‘Oh, he’s a comedy guy,’ or, ‘He’s a drama guy,’ ” Cranston says. “Before I got ‘Malcolm in the Middle,’ I was a drama guy. Then I was the comedy guy, and suddenly the goofy dad was going to be Walter White? Hopefully by my insistence on not repeating, and not being a derivative of myself, I can maybe break that cycle a little bit.” (x)

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